Cold Weather Startup Test -10 F on the 1963 Pontiac Grand Prix with 425 Olds V8


It was -10F on Sunday Night December 18, 2016. I tested the Cold Startup of the 1965 Olds 425 V8 Super Rocket V8 with 360 HP & 470 Ft/Lbs Torque at the Flywheel. 10.25:1 static compression ratio. 770 CFM Holley Street Avenger 4-bbl Carb I rebuilt myself back in March 2016 on top of a Vintage Offenhauser Aluminum Intake Manifold.  Vintage Vertex OAC Magneto I Rebuilt Myself & Spin Tested on My Sun Distributor Machine. Full Ignition Advance used 35 degrees BTDC all in by 1100 RPM at the crankshaft. 87 Octane gasoline used. 185-190 cranking cylinder compression tested verified. Engine Crankcase Oil is Castrol GTX Edge 10w30 High Mileage Full Synthetic. Engine Longblock is all original never rebuilt overhauled.  The Super Rocket Olds 425 V8 is one of the Best Engines ever made. Unbelievable Powerfull & Very Reliable.

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