Muscle Car Horsepower – How Exaggerated Was It?

Derek Stewart Tigard Oregon October 25, 2016 at 04:32

I am a Professional Engine builder by trade and I have done a Ton of Engine dyno then chassis dyno comparrisons. Older auto trannies, TH400,C6 typically show a 19-22% loss Older 4 speed manuals almost always show a 15-16% loss Newer AT cars, Camero, firebird 12-15% New manual trans is 8-11% New auto 4×4 truck is 25-28% These are verified over 20 years of testing, so far I can tell if something is really wrong or if the hp claims were bs. Many of the BAD Big Blocks were really Bad! In a good way, most all were designed and tested with free flowing exhaust, the LS6 the L88’s, the 375hp 396’s, the W30 455 Olds, the RAM AIR 4 Pontiac’s all made a Ton more power when used and operated as intended. Back then people didn’t just buy a car they were entusiasts! They beat on them, Dealers were told,shown, and carried the parts necessary to really make your LS6 an LS6 ! I have done a Ram Air 4 400 Recently and in totally stock configuration it made 422hp 445tq, with Headers it made 454hp 490tq On the Mustang Chassis Dyno it put down 384hp and 412tq so pretty darn close. One last thing, most of the ET’s were ran by magazine people and usually 2 or more people were in the car and they had crap tires, so I’m trying to put things in a more realistic sense, there is a reason some are legends, in totally bone stock form not man were fast, not like today where most people just wanna hit a button and go!!!