H-O Racing 326 RAIV Race Engine

326CID E/MP Race Engine

The H-O Racing Specialties “326” Engine was based upon a 1956 Pontiac 316CID engine out of a 1956 GMC armored truck from a local wrecking yard . It was suggested by fellow local Pontiac drag racer Bruce Brayton and executed by Craig Hendrickson and Kern Osterstock in 1972 to drag race in NHRA’s E/MP (11lb/CID Modified Production) class.

Some technical highlights about the H-O Racing “326” pictured above:

  • Headers were “Headers by Ed” for 64-67 A-body with round port exhaust.
  • Block was a 1956 316CID bored 0.060″ over (4.000″).
  • Crankshaft was a stock 1956 316CID (3.250″ stroke) forged unit ground .010/.010.
  • Heads were 1970 RA IV (#722) ported by Craig Hendrickson.
  • Valve train was Isky “Super LeGuerra” roller with rev kit and triple “Vasco-jet” springs.
  • Rocker arms were Pontiac RAIV 1.65:1 with grooved rocker balls.
  • Pushrods were custom length D&D 3/8″ diameter chromoly.
  • Guideplates were custom 3/8″ clearance fabricated by Kern.
  • Stud girdle was custom fabricated by Kern Osterstock.
  • Rods were stock length (6.625″) 1963 421SD rods. Later Mickey Thompson aluminum rods were fitted.
  • Pistons were custom Arias domed forgings with tapered pins.
  • Intake manifold was a custom built aluminum tunnel ram designed by Craig and fabricated by Kern.
  • Engine mounts and starter mount were fabricated by Kern to fit a 1965 GTO.
  • RPM redline was 9,300RPM and horsepower was about 700HP @ 8,300RPM.



326CID E/MP Race Engine

Installed in H-O Racing E/MP 1965 Tempest drag car

At Lions Drag Strip with Craig driving.
Before paint with Craig driving.

“Pure 326 Pontiac” after paint.

In 1974, the 326CID E/MP race engine was sold to Selden Ruwwe of Bourbon, MO. He raced it for years in his clone 1963 Tempest A/FX drag car.

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