EVAPO Rust Remover


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How does Evapo-Rust® work?

EVAPO-RUST® works through selective chelation. This is a process in which a large synthetic molecule forms a bond with metals and holds them in solution. Most chelating agents bind many different metals. The active ingredient in EVAPO-RUST® bonds to iron exclusively. It can remove iron from iron oxide but is too weak to remove iron from steel where the iron is held much more strongly. Once the chelating agent has removed the iron, a sulfur bearing organic molecule pulls the iron away from the chelator and forms a ferric sulfate complex which remains water soluble. This frees the chelating agent to remove more iron from rust.
Do parts have to be completely clean before immersion?

Will EVAPO-RUST® remove bluing and other oxide finishes?

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Can I spray EVAPO-RUST® on the rusted area?

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How long does EVAPO-RUST® last?

How do I know when the bath is spent?

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What size containers is EVAPO-RUST® packaged in?

How long will Evapo-Rust® last, and how many times can it be re-used?

After soaking metal in Evapo-Rust®, is any further treatment required?

The process for removing rust with Evapo-Rust® is through a soaking of the rusted metal. Are there any other ways to use the solution to remove rust, such as painting or brushing the solution on the rusted area??

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Can I spray Evapo-Rust® on the rusted area?

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